How to get permission

  1. First, run OpenRCT2 and join any multiplayer game and terminate the game. If there is no any servers, run your own server just a moment and turn off.
    Please remember what was your client name. I will call the name ClientName in this page.
  2. Move to directory below according to your OS:
    • Under XP (My Documents)\OpenRCT2\keys
    • Vista/7/8/10: C:\Users\\Documents\OpenRCT2\keys

  3. Check there are two files like the image below. (Image is taken in Windows 10)
    • ClientName.privkey
    • ClientName-(40 alphanumeric characters).pubkey
    방문객.privkey 와 방문객-23ca1a48e40b13c64ae5244d88362431e1f9fbd7.pubkey
    The blue part, (40 alphanumeric characters) is called User hash value
  4. Check that file is generated properly, then Upload *.pubkey extension file (including User hash value) in the form below.

You need to sign in to get permissions

You need to sign up as a TELKLAND member or sign-in as Google account to get a multiplayer permissions.
It is hard to sign up to my site since you can't understand korean, so I recommend to sign-in as Google account.

Move to Sign-in page



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