How to get permission

  1. First, run OpenRCT2 and join any multiplayer game and terminate the game. If there is no any servers, run your own server just a moment and turn off.
    Please remember what was your client name. I will call the name ClientName in this page.
  2. Move to directory below according to your OS:
    • Under XP (My Documents)\OpenRCT2\keys
    • Vista/7/8/10: C:\Users\\Documents\OpenRCT2\keys

  3. Check there are two files like the image below. (Image is taken in Windows 10)
    • ClientName.privkey
    • ClientName-(40 alphanumeric characters).pubkey
    방문객.privkey 와 방문객-23ca1a48e40b13c64ae5244d88362431e1f9fbd7.pubkey
    The blue part, (40 alphanumeric characters) is called User hash value
  4. Check that file is generated properly, then Upload *.pubkey extension file (including User hash value) in the form below.

You need to sign in to get permissions

You need to sign up as a TELKLAND member or sign-in as Google account to get a multiplayer permissions.
It is hard to sign up to my site since you can't understand korean, so I recommend to sign-in as Google account.

Move to Sign-in page


  • Your permission will be applied immediately as you request. After requesting the permission, quit the game entirely and try to reconnect then you will have the permission. Or, contact to Discord #english channel.


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