To non-Korean user!

It is recommended to download OpenTTD or OpenTTD related stuffs via Official OpenTTD website since you don't need to config some Korean related settings.Just read below if you really want to download some preset components of Korean/Hanguel


OpenTTD Portable file download (For user who is first at OpenTTD)

Portable file is a easy installation file for users who installs OpenTTD first or has trouble with manual installation that you can just unzip the file to run OpenTTD
We only offer Stable for Windows and JGRPP for Windows Portable files. In Linux/Mac, please follow the manual installation method.
In this Portable file ...

How to install

Please refer to OpenTTD > How to install manual

How to update

Please refer to OpenTTD > How to update manual

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Stable version - 14.0 (2024.04.13 21:28:18) Changelog

Stable version is a release which is stable - rare bugs and released for almost every year.TELKLAND is operating server #1 by using this version.

Nightly version - 20240420-master-g08140fdca3 (2024.04.20 14:08:00) Changelog

JGR's Patch Pack - 0.58.3 (2024.04.11 03:25:55) Changelog

JGR's Patch Pack(JGRPP)is a custom branch which is a pack of patches, made by Jonathan G. Rennison.
This patch pack succeeds features that had been in Chillcore's Patch Pack, Hard Game Pack or Spring Patch Pack, it is now most popular OpenTTD custom branch by fixing and constantly updating many crashes that may occur due to the nature of custom patches.
TELKLAND is operating many multiplayer game server by using this patch pack.

Download components & Miscellaneous

Components refers to base graphic, sounds and background music.
You need a Base graphic set at least(eg. OpenGFX, zBase, NightGFX and so on)
and may add a Base sound set(eg. OpenSFX) or Base Music set(eg. OpenMSX) according to your preference.

OpenTTD automatically downloads OpenGFX at first run, but OpenSFX and OpenMSX is missing in some cases.
Korean users need to do an additional configuration to make Hangeul display clearly, so we need to configure some components by default.
So TELKLAND offers the Components collection including Korean NewGRFs, Korean font configurations and some basic settings.

How to install the Components collection

※ Caution Game configurations will be resetted after the components is overwrited.


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