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(알 수 없음) Tea Tea Deluxe 42570101 1.0.0 Y Tea Tea Deluxe adds tea to OpenTTD. Tea tree farms produce tea leaves. Deliver them to tea factories asap. The luxurious Tea Tea Deluxe is created in the factories and enjoyed in teahouses in civilis...
도시 이름 Canadian Ghost Town Names 4E445902 1.0 Y Adds over 700 town names based on towns and villages across Canada that no longer exist.
(알 수 없음) World Flags 797A0201 0.1 Y A large number of flags from around the world with the possibility to set irremovability, availability only in Scenario Editor and build/remove costs.
(알 수 없음) Field Spawner 4A4B8702 0.1 Y A 1-tile dummy industry which generates farm fields. Useful for decorating your map without having to place objects or farm industries. Has a parameter to enable automatic spawning of fields upon map...
도시 이름 Random Welsh Town Names 414D0101 0.2 Y Generates Welsh town names from a list of prefixes and suffixes.
Temporal8 Real Stations 32bpp 54454D06 Beta 1.0 Y My 32bpp station set, to use in conjunction with Real Industries, Real Houses Townset; real Vehicles, Real Cars and Real Trucks sets. (and my other "Real" sets as well) Enjoy!
경유지 ISR Style Waypoints 50470602 v1.2 Y A set of waypoints made with ISR (and CHIPS) graphics.
(알 수 없음) Sunshine Notbase 44444401 0.000001 Y ·
기차 JP+ Metro 595AAA01 5.1 Y JP+ Metro Set introducing metro trains from all over Japan. Requires JapanSetTracks Drawn by Yozora, SaYa Coded by Yozora and JP+ Team 2022
선로 Early Rail Set 2 6A720102 × Version Test Coded by Izel Graphics by Izel
선로 Early Rail 4A520103 × 
선로 Fridaemon's Non-Track Tiles 46525301 1 Y Some stuffs from AuzObjects, Fridaemon's Objects and Swedish Houses as Non-Track Tiles.
도시 이름 Frenchies Town Names 526F7001 0.1 Y The game only provides a limited amount of French city names. Other NewGRFs provide city names from a list of existing cities. That's boring. This NewGRF provides generated fake French-sounding yet am...
산업 시설 Temporal8 Real Industries 32bpp 54454D39 Beta2 Y This is the beta version of my industries set, I recommend using it with my 32bpp townset named "Real Houses Townset" for a better 32bpp experience. It is only a Beta version and some things need to ...
그래픽 변경 Temporal8 Real Houses Townset 52444345 1.0 Y Finally after 2 years of development I present my Townset! Enjoy! For correct use, the option "disable original buildings" must be "ON" in newgrf "set parameters" Avaivable Years: 1970 to 9999. I r...
기차 British Rail Set (BRTrains v2) 62727632 2.5 Y A UK Train set, with real world units and liveries. If it ran/runs on the UK railway network, it's probably in this set Based on BRTrains and the MUTS addon for BRTrains
자동차 Temporal8 Real Bus 32 bpp 54454D07 1.1 Y New Version! 1.1! Changelog: 4 New Buses: - Penitentiary Bus. - School Bus. - Company Colour Bus. - Double Decker Company Colour Bus. - Some graphics bugs fixed. The single-decker buses are slower ...
자동차 Temporal8 Real Trucks 32bpp 54454D09 1.0 Y My 32bpp truck set with company colours and loaded/unloaded graphics. Enjoy!
(알 수 없음) JP+ Shinkansen 4B523033 0.2.1 Y JP+ Shinkansen includes Japan's High Speed MUs, the Shinkansen. This set can be used alongside other Japanese sets, please check the parameters.
경유지 Fake Bridges Waypoints 50470700 v1.2 Y A set of waypoints that simulate bridges over rivers. To be used along with "Auz Creek and Drain Objects" and "Auz Water Objects". See readme for more details. by DemianWSE


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