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이름 GETS Cargo Age Period Fix
버전 0.1
콘텐츠 ID 5f5f0406 (md5sum: b1e1e792...)
분류 기차
제작자 JohnFranklin523 (@JohnFranklin523)
프로젝트 사이트
설명 By adding it AFTER GETS, the cargo age periods of some trains and wagons will change. Default is 185; ICE and night trains are set to 370; Flying Hamburger, VT11.5 Eurocity and Rheingold are set to 324; Normal express trains, traincars and wagons are set to 278 (early express 254); train and passenger cars that are slightly faster or more comfortable (e.g. Bi-Level) are set to 231 or 208; Some slow or crowded trains are set to 162; Refrigerated vans are set to 740; Ladle cars are set to 370.
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버전 md5sum (일부) 등록 일자 라이선스 다운로드
0.1 b1e1e792 2023.05.08 19:23:07 GPL v2 인게임에서 가능


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