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NewGRF 기본 정보
이름 AuzBridges
버전 31
콘텐츠 ID 47474735 (md5sum: b24a4f5a...)
분류 다리
제작자 kamnet (@kevinfields777)
프로젝트 사이트
설명 Common types of bridges found in Australia, for use with AuzStations, AuzObject and AuzRails. These bridges do not support monorail or maglev trains, you may need to load an additional set for support.

Author: GarryG and Wallyweb, with credit to Andrew350, Quast65, OzTrans, and FooBar for coding and graphics assistance.
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버전 md5sum (일부) 등록 일자 라이선스 다운로드
31 b24a4f5a 2023.09.30 16:21:51 GPL v2 인게임에서 가능


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