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NewGRF 기본 정보
이름 AuzRails Set
버전 2
콘텐츠 ID 47471031 (md5sum: 672f5ae9...)
분류 선로
제작자 kamnet (@kevinfields777)
프로젝트 사이트
설명 A set of Standard Gauge railroad tracks found in New South Wales and other states in Australia. For use with AuzTrains, AuzBridges, AuzStations and AuzObjects. The AuzObjects Railroad Buildings set provide additional depots and other supplemental buildings to complement this set.

Author:GarryG, with credit to the teams who created NuTracks, Dutch Track Set and Wired for coding and graphics assistance.
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버전 md5sum (일부) 등록 일자 라이선스 다운로드
2 672f5ae9 2023.09.30 16:41:52 GPL v2 인게임에서 가능


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