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NewGRF 기본 정보
이름 Prohibition
버전 0.1
콘텐츠 ID 50524f48 (md5sum: 1097783f...)
분류 산업 시설
제작자 ebla71 (@ebla71)
프로젝트 사이트
설명 As the name suggests, this industry NewGRF is set in the 1920s United States, when alcohol was forbidden due to, well, the prohibition.

Available cargos, in addition to the standard passengers and mail: moonshine, champagne, money, pizza, gangsters, jazz musicians, police officers, coast guard officers, suspects, convicts

Available industries: smuggler ship, moonshine destillery, pizzeria, hotel, illegal bar, jazz club, bank, police station, coast guard station, courthouse, prison
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버전 md5sum (일부) 등록 일자 라이선스 다운로드
0.1 1097783f 2024.02.11 12:16:48 CC-BY-SA v3.0 인게임에서 가능


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