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(Unknown) American Interurban Set 4A481601 1.0.0 Y A set of interurban passenger and freight motors and trailers from early 20th century America. 6 motors and 6 trailers currently supported.
Town names World Town Names 50610101 2 Y This NewGRF contains 919 real-life town and city names from all over the world, including and not limited to Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Iceland, India, Iran, Japan, the United ...
(Unknown) LGBTQ+ Pride Flags 4A446600 0.2 Y A collection of 16 LGBTQ+ Pride Flags, representing different gender identities and sexualities. If yours isn't included, feel free to make a request on the GitHub page. Drawn to match the style of C...
Object JP+ Objects 4A44B123 0.3 Y Contains castles, temples and other landmarks from JapanSet Buildings, as well as some industrial smokestacks, recoded as objects. Coded by Emperor Jake. Other credits: Azusa, Toni Babelony, Sanchim...
(Unknown) Unholyphish puts Names in Towns F27CBA84 1.1 Y A Celtic inspired set of randomly generated town names. Also known as UNIT. Made using TrueGRF.
(Unknown) Greater Bandung Districs Names 54525531 1 Y ·
Road vehicle Temporal8´s Real Cars 32bpp 54454D01 1.1 Y A little update to my previous "Real Cars" version. (Do not confuse with my other newgrf named "Real Vehicles" that has a different theme.) Changelog: - Bmw E30 Quast65 Edition Fixed. - 12 new cars ...
(Unknown) Temporal8 Real Vehicles 32bpp 54454D08 1.0 Y I present Real Vehicles, a vehicle set in 32 bpp for Openttd, They can be used as game vehicles or in conjunction with AI's like TownCars or Street Traffic to generate City traffic, the idea behind al...
(Unknown) U&ReRMM 2: IH2 plugin AC1D0002 0 Y Enables Iron Horse metro trains on 3rd rail powered tracktypes defined by U&ReRMM.
Train World Train Set 57545453 2022.05.28 Y World Train Set adds trains from Central Asia, Africa, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, India, Middle East and Taiwan. 세계열차세트는 중앙아시아, 아프리카, 아메리카, 동남아시아, 호주, 인도, 중동, 대만의 열차를 추가해줍니다. Produced: GBLI...
Train European Train Set 45555453 2022.05.28 Y The European Train Set adds European trains such as France, Germany, England, Italy, and Spain. 유럽열차세트는 프랑스, 독일, 영국, 이탈리아, 스페인 등등 유럽의 열차를 추가해줍니다. Produced: GBLINER
Train Chinese Train Set 434E5453 2022.05.31 Y China Train Set adds China's CRH and several trains. 중국열차세트는 중국의 CRH와 여러 열차를 추가해줍니다. Produced: GBLINER
Train Japan Train Set+ Addon 4A545350 2022.06.12 Y The Japanese Train Set+ add-on adds the Japanese Shinkansen and several trains. 일본 열차 세트+ 애드온은 일본의 신칸센과 여러 열차를 추가해줍니다. 이 GRF는 YST에서 분리되어 제작된 NewGRF입니다. producer: GBLINER
Train Korean Train Set+ Addon 4B545350 2022.06.07 Y 한국 열차 세트+ 애드온은 시험용으로 제작되었던 차량이나 생산이 예정된 한국의 열차와 가상의 2층열차를 추가해줍니다. 이 GRF는 YST에서 분리되어 제작된 NewGRF입니다. The Korean Train Set+ add-on adds both experimental and planned Korean trains and virtual double-dec...
(Unknown) Purple to Black Company Color 44442302 1 Y -+- -+- Replaces the Purple Company colour with Black. Some things like window titles how ever will remain purple.
dock U&Ratt compatible Docklands 4242444C 2 Y A modified version of Docklands which works with U&RaTT.
Station Gwyd's NSE Stations 474E5345 0 Y A varied set of stations set in the 1980s and 1990s in the South East of England. Expect lots of red lampposts.
(Unknown) GALVET 4B463034 1.0.1 Y Set of Roads, Trams & Road Vehicles for GalizaTTD Server.
Train swedish trains fix! 42425446 2 Y fixes swedish trains
(Unknown) Korean Airliners Set 4B415253 2022.06.01(v2) Y << Korean Airliners Set / 한국 항공기 세트 >> This NewGRF contains many Airplanes in South Korea, such as Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Tway Air, Jin Air, Air Seoul, Air Busan, Fly Gangwon, of minor...


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