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Town names Korean Town Hanja Names 4C454531 0.1 Y Random Korean-style town names in Hanja.
Train, Aircraft, Changing function Iris Gameplay Tweaks 414C5301 4 Y Number of gameplay tweaks for the ..:: Surreal Hardcore ::.. server. Fewer aircrafts, no silly futuristic ones. Some realistic modern trains. Weaker/realistic monorails and maglevs.
Industry OTIS - One Tile Industry Set 47475154 02 Y The game starts with no Industries available. CHECK THE README OR DEVELOPMENT WEBSITE FOR THE REQUIRED GAME SETTINGS!! You have to buy and place the tile representing the Industry you want. The 1 tile...
Town names Western Australia Town Names 4A4D3030 1.0.1 Y Adds town names from Western Australia. Includes only Perth in this first version.
Road vehicle Industries of the Caribbean 54543230 0.1.2 Y A Cuban-inspired economy replacement. Warning! This mod changes core gameplay aspects, and is quite difficult. Please visit the website to learn more. Created by 2TallTyler.
Object Creeks objects 77672018 3 Y Small rivers (creeks) defined as object, with auto-orientation to other objects or water, when placed. For usage and configuration, refer to Readme.txt
Misc. Giant Cats 43415401 1.0.0 Y Five cats to put onto your map
Aircraft, Airport North Korean Aviation Set 454E2C01 1.0 Y This NewGRF not only adds new airport objects, mostly compatible with the fake airport objects NewGRF, but it also adds small airports with or without depot which you can use on either end, or in the ...
Bridge betabridges 634D0100 0.9 Y Better bridges parameters: 1. first grid, suspension and cantilever bridge available in half of XIX century; 2. corrected spread and ratio of speeds and costs; 3. base costs of bridge construction, gr...
Object Rainforest Ruins 54543136 1.0 Y Ancient ruins for sub-tropic rainforests. Can you follow the clues and unlock the hidden treasure?
Tram Korean Tram Set 4B475431 0.0.3 Y Korean Tram Set. Korean Tram Set includes the trams in South Korea.
Aircraft, Airport Military Items 41440101 0.6.0 Y The set contains several military airplanes and airports (like carriers). Copyright: 2021 adpro Source: Development thread:
Changing function JP+ NATS Duplicates Disabler 42530720 1.0 Y Removes duplicate trains from NATS that are included in JP+. Requires both JP+ and NATS to work.
Train JP+ Multiple Units (JGR/JNR/JR) 42531320 0.4.0 Y JP+ Multiple Units includes JGR/JNR/JR operated DMUs, EMUs and railcars. This set can be used alongside other Japanese sets, please check the parameters. Narrow gauge tracks are required.
Road vehicle eGRVTS v2.1 41560103 r228 Y Generic Road Vehicles and Trams (extended set) v2.1 in dual company colours with NRT support. Includes vehicles from 1800 to 2070. Standard, express, double-decker, articulated, horse-drawn and steam ...
Town names Queensland Town Namess 44470101 1 Y Real Queensland Town Names
Train Invisible engine set 494E5601 1.1.0 Y This NewGRF adds eye candy invisible engine to store wagons without visible engine.
Town names Cuba Town Names 54543139 1.0 Y 337 real town names from Cuba.
Road vehicle Articulated Road Vehicles Set 474C0401 0.0.0 Y This NewGRF adds articulated buses and trucks with the same style as the original vehicles. The latest version of each road vehicle in the Original Vehicles Cargo Set has an articulated counterpart in...
Town names Canadian Town Names 52470101 1.0.1 Y Canadian town names based on the top 100 population centres on Wikipedia.


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