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분류 이름 GRFID 최신 버전 온라인 요약 ·
기차 GETS German Extrazoom Trainset 53410808 0.1.5 Y German Extra-Zoom Trainset in 32bpp. Features long trains from 1900 - today.
그래픽 변경 U_Trees 55464980 2 Y A graphics replacement set for trees. Only temperate and subarctic climates
도시 이름 Random Andean Town Names 4B460896 1 Y A list of randomizable Andean town names. It is mostly based off of city names in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador, and is designed to create mostly four-syllable names. Released into Public Domain. ...
산업 시설 PIRS Industries Redux 444410AA 124 Y Industry and economy overhaul. Uses graphics from FIRS, thanks to andythenorth and team
도시 이름 Vietnamese Town Names Extended 4B4C0000 1.0.0 Y This NewGRF provides more than 600 existing Vietnamese village, town and city names to OpenTTD Unicode font is required to display town names correctly
(알 수 없음) Hale Static 44458102 1.0.7 Y Why not take a winter vacation to Honolulu with Hale! Hale is (currently) 8 houses, 3 apartment building, and one temple/church to replace the equivalent existing sprite in the base set. The sprites ...
오브젝트 Swedish Houses as Objects 4652AD09 1.0 Y THIS IS AN EYECANDY OBJECT VERSION OF SWEDISH HOUSES BUILDING SET. This set was coded by fridaemon with permission from Alexander "Irwe" Irwe.
도시 이름 Michigan Town Names 03151814 3 Y Replaces default town names with Michigan town names. Made by UnitedMi
자동차 TheBus Stops 44458002 0.0.2 Y Take a ride to the beach with Honolulu city & county styled bus stops! Extra zoom available by parameter.
(알 수 없음) Oops! All Snow! 454E1B01 1.2 Y For use with OpenGFX+ Landscape. All snow, even on the coasts!
(알 수 없음) CityMania Alpine Climate 434D414C 1.2 Y Modified OpenGFX sprites for alpine climate.
다리 U&Bridge param speed limit 55464902 1 Y Choose the speeds for each bridge
다리 betabridgesu 634D0300 1 Y Better bridges parameters, tweaked for U&Bridges: this newgrf should be placed after U&Bridges newgrf.
(알 수 없음) Real Parks & Gardens in 32bpp 54454D33 Beta 1.0 Y A complete set to create parks, gardens, green spaces in 32bpp. It is the first beta, it may have some errors in graphics and sprite alignment.
기차 Project Generic Trains 50475453 0.3.0 Y A Variety of Locomotives, Carriages and Multiple units based on designs from East Asia and Australasia. Currently in Early stages, so not all content is currently included and prices are WIP. Drawn ...
선로 Korean Tracks 4B543031 1.1.2 Y This is Korean Tracks NewGRF.
(알 수 없음) U&ReRMM2: Mini 55464991 1 Y These sets belong to U&ReRMM2. All railway tracks are kept to a minimum and remove all speed limits to simplify the gameplay. Second-hand (standardized rail-type scheme) railway sets are still compat...
(알 수 없음) U&RaTT: Mini 55464988 2 Y These kits belong to U&RaTT. Road (including trolleybus and tram) types, which are minimized to simplify the gameplay.
(알 수 없음) UK Logo Character Replacement 43484152 1 Y This NewGRF replaces the $, €, ¬ and ¦ characters with UK railway logos, so these symbols can be added to station names. This NewGRF is targeted at UK users, hence the replacement of the $ and € symbo...
(알 수 없음) S-GUI 41500002 0.1.1 Y Minimalistic GUI with icons


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