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기차 JP+ Engines & Wagons 4A44A1E1 0.12.3 Y JP+ Engines & Wagons: Part of the JP+ series, focused on Japanese locomotives, passenger coaches and freight wagons from JGR, JNR, JR and various private operators. Requires JapanSet3: Trains to work...
자동차 HVW Modular Truck Set 48531999 r130 Y Hungarian Voxel World - Modular Truck Set A modular, one vehicle composed from multiple sprites truck set, with european style trucks. The aim is to create an universal truck set like GRVTS, but with ...
자동차 HVW - Tram set 48531620 1.0b Y Hungarian Voxel World Tram Set
(알 수 없음) British Extra Station Names 47575853 1 Y This NewGRF will add extra station name suffixes when the default ones run out. Requires JGR patch pack to function.
정류장 Road Stops & Waypoints (JGRPP) 46525501 3.2 Y OPENTTD JGRPP version (0.50.0 and newer) comes with possibility to have more types of road stops. In this set you can find approximately 200 road stops. It includes graphics from Auz Sets, Japan Stat...
신호기 North Korean Signal Set 454E2E01 1.0 Y This NewGRF adds the signals from the North Korean Track Set as a separate thing. This requires the use of JGR's patch pack.
기차 DTS 44545453 1.23 Y It is a derivative train set.
(알 수 없음) Central European Towns 44545401 0.7.0 (Alpha) Y Full house replacement set in Central European style. Introduces the town types Village, Town, and City as well as historical eras to better simulate town structures and architectural history.
기차 DTS2 44545332 1.00 Y It is a derivative train set.
도시 이름 Furry Town Names 44440101 1 Y Town names generated by a furry
선박 USS Nimitz (CVN-68) 43564E36 1 Y ·
자동차 Horse Carts 43531101 1.1 Y The Horse Carts Road Vehicle Set provides a full set of horse or oxen-drawn carts and carriages, ranging from medieval to modern times. For details as well as supported Road Type GRFs, see readme.txt...
차량 CityMania Not So NUTS 434D4E4E 1.4 Y Simplified subset of NUTS train newgrf. Only MEOW engines and no universal wagons. For use with CityMania special event newgrf.
선박 Sailing Ships (community) 434D4301 0.73 Y A sailing ship set for OpenTTD featuring 8 wind and steam powered ships introduced between 1700 and 1920. Copyright J Mitchell 2012. Updated with refit-at-station support; Russian and Bokmal transla...
오브젝트 Polish Buildings as Objects 43481001 2 Y Polish buildings made into placeable objects, most of them snow-aware. Original graphics: TadeuszD and Minor additions and coding: chujo August 20, 2023
오브젝트 Ground Tiles with Autoslope 43480901 1 Y One simple object - a tile of concrete from ISR/DWE-style Objects made slope-aware. Allows to nestle ISR and DWE stations and objects in terraced terrain. Original flat tile graphics by: Quast65 S...
산업 시설 Banks to supplement ECS vectors 43480401 1 Y Allows to build banks accepting gold or valuables. Intends to substitute disappearing banks of ECS Houses. Made by: chujo
그래픽 변경 Better Busy Cursor 43430000 1.0 Y An improved busy cursor that adds an arrow so you know what you're clicking on.
기차 Iron Horse 3 (Trains) 43411222 3.2.0 Y Iron Horse 3. Comprehensive train set with a gameplay focus. Inspired (mostly) by British trains. Its mostly done and its kind of fun. Designed to be used with vehicles expire set to to on, ...
기차 AsiaStar Redux 42570102 1.0 Y A NewGRF for OpenTTD which introduces a second and a third generation of the AsiaStar train. Just like the AsiaStar is inspired by the original EuroStar train, the two trains in this version is inspi...


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