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분류 이름 GRFID 최신 버전 온라인 요약 ·
오브젝트 Farm Objects BEBE0100 4 Y A simply NewGRF that contains various farming-themed tiles as placeable NewObjects.
항공기 OpenGFX Playable UFOs 50432C01 1.0 Y The small and large UFOs from the OpenGFX base graphics set as playable vehicles.
자동차 Timberwolf's UK Road Vehicles 54574604 2.3.3 Y A set of vehicles common in the UK, including trucks, buses, trams, vans and cars from the Victorian era to the present day. Features 2x zoom and 32bpp graphics for all vehicles. (HD version with 4x z...
자동차 Japanese Suspended Monorail Set 454E1301 1.02 Y DO NOT USE Japanese Suspended Monorail Set for use with the Suspended Monorail tram replacement NewGRF. Provides suspended monorails from the Chiba Urban Monorail and the Shonan Monorail.
오브젝트 AuzObjects Landscape 47473838 xxx 3 Y * THIS GRF IS NOW OBSOLETE *
항구 CHIPS Custom Docks 50430901 1.0 Y New dock graphics in the style of CHIPS and FIRS. Using parameters and a selection of tiles you can create your own customised docks from a possible 144 variations! Also includes optional buoys and gu...
자동차 North Korean Road Vehicle Set 454E2501 1.1 Y A road vehicle set with North Korean buses and trucks.
산업 시설 Auztralian Industrial AuzInd6 47476001 3 Y Based on Industries found in Australia. Has 92 Industries and 32 cargos. This version replaces all other AuzInd Industry sets on Bananas.
오브젝트 AuzObjects Fake Trains 47474141 xxx 2 Y * THIS GRF IS OBSOLETE *
산업 시설 Housing as Industries 4A448850 0.1.1 Y Housing as Industries This NewGRF adds apartment complexes which can be built as industries, allowing boosted passenger and mail production in towns. Plus they look good. Coded by Emperor Jake, grap...
오브젝트 Fake Airport Objects 504A4641 0.1 Y The Fake Airport Objects Set provides a lot of (modular) object tiles to create your own fake airport. Some tiles have multiple graphical representations. Place the same tile multiple times on the sam...
(알 수 없음) Ex's - City Builder 45580103 0.1 Y Citybuilder goal support for OpenTTD 1.0.0. This grf should only be used with citybuilder goal servers.
그래픽 변경 CZTR Ground set 4D490102 2.0.0 Y Set of the ground sprites,rivers,fields,walls and other graphics for template climate. More info in TT-forum in URL. Switch ON Foundations parameter!!! By CZTR team.
도시 이름 Ontario City Names 55570001 1 Y Adds cities and towns from the Canadian province of Ontario. Ignore the Hover Bus dependency, I don't know how to remove that
기차 Romanian Train Set 451A0000 0.2 Y Romanian Train Set (Romtrain) Version 0.2 Drawing: Andersl, Batti5 Codeing: Cudar
도시 이름 Padania Town Names 43415601 0.1 Y Padanian names; generated starting from real town names; sometimes, the results sound hilarious.
기능 변경 Reduced Passenger Payment 48530101 1.0 Y Reduces the payment for passengers to 1/2 of the default value (and optionally the payment for mails)
항공기 Dongun Pencil Aircraft Set 4A4B0103 v1 Y * This is OLD version of LCT Vehicles Set. Please Search "LCT Vehicles Set" for new version. *
도시 이름 Mongolian Town Names 50438181 1.1 Y A set of 275 place names from Mongolia, in either Latin or Cyrillic script.
차량 Better vehicle names 535A5644 v1 Y This NewGRF renames default vehicle names to either TTO-like names or (for newer vehicles of TTD) better suited ones. It is improvement of the already existing origveh.grf done by Frosch.


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