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기차 TRAXX Locomotive Set 58580101 Y TRAXX Locomotive Set Bombardier TRAXX Vehicles from different Companies (DB, SBB, NS, BLS, and many more) Graphics by: PNDA Coding by: PNDA Thanks to Erato and 'Noni for helping me sprite Version 0...
산업 시설 ECS Industry Add-on 4A530A70 2012.12.26 Y Ecs support for non-industry accepting cargos.
자동차 Dutch Tram Set FBFB0102 2.0.2 Y The Dutch Tram Set is New Graphics Set which adds a great number of both historical and current Dutch trams to OpenTTD. This set is aimed to give an historical overview of Dutch trams while ensuring ...
신호기 Combined American Signal Set 44440502 1.1 Y Semaphore, Searchlight, Colour Light and Position Light signals, for all three climates. Pre and PBS functionality. By Pikkabird, original semaphore and position light graphics by DaleStan and zero10...
산업 시설 SPI 31FF0502 1.0 Y SPI - StockPiled Industry set
도시 이름 Faroese Town Names 50438141 1.0 Y A set of 122 place names from the Faroe Islands.


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