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분류 이름 GRFID 최신 버전 온라인 요약 ·
다리 U&Bridges 55464901 1.2 Y Replaces with the original bridge with new graphics
선로 Industrial Trackset 454E0E01 1.3 Y A trackset for use with Industrial Stations Renewal, CHIPS, Auz Freight Stations, the North Korean trackset, or JapanSet tracks. Adds tracks that match the style of CHIPS, ISR and FIRS, with tracks t...
도로 Dutch ROads Project DROP 4A565601 0.1 Y ·
CHIPS Station Set 2 43485054 2.0.0 Y CHIPS Has Improved Players' Stations? (version 2) - simple station tiles for use with industry sets such as FIRS - buffers added to tiles automatically - cranes etc drawn automatically for some tiles...
(알 수 없음) Velo - DROP Fork 4A5655F1 0.3 Y Velo adds eyecandy bicycle lanes as a tramtype. This fork is made for use with DROP, but can also be used with other roadsets. For the best experience, use the vehicles from DROP, or another bicycle...
기차 2TallTyler's Misc Trains 54543138 0.1.0 Y Miscellaneous commissioned trains created by 2TallTyler.
(알 수 없음) Unspooled 44450601 0.4.6 Y Unspool some cable and hang a lovely mess of trolley (and trolleybus) wire over a selection of road and tram types! New hand-drawn trolleywire and poles, with road sprites adapted from OpenGFX & ARRS....
항구 Docklands 44450401 1.0.1 Y Docklands brings your yards and harbors to life with NRT road and tramway types that match Chips and ISR tiles.
기차 Busan Rubber Wheel AGT v1.1 4B520004 × Model : Busan Line4 부산 4호선
기차 Busan Subway v1.1 4B520005 1.1 × Model : Busan Line1,2,3
그래픽 변경 Polish Lighthouses 797A0000 0.1.1 Y Set of lighthouses based on real lighthouses from (not-only) Polish coast. Drawn, coded and (c) by yazalo.
그래픽 변경 TK 경유지 간소화 544B0601 1 × (이미지) 현재는 한국 열차 세트(에 흡수된 기능입니다.
기능 변경 No Monorail 52455802 v1.0.0 Y Disables monorail trains and tracks
기능 변경 No Maglev 52455801 v1.0.0 Y Disables maglev trains and tracks
선로 K-track 2.0b 4B520003 2.0b × 
그래픽 변경 A small pack of building replacements around ttd 49450002 × ByChris Jones Christmas 2004
Glass Station v1 42414753 v1 × Adds Glass Station v1 to Temperate.
자동차 Long vehicles v2. Mctrucks. 4D656F01 × Copyright (C) 2003-2004 by George. All rights reserved. e-mail:,; WWW:
자동차 Long vehicles v2. Scania trucks. 4D656F06 × Copyright (C) 2003-2004 by George. All rights reserved. e-mail:,; WWW: Scania GA 4x2, Scania CB 6x4, Scania DB 4x2.
자동차 Long vehicles v2. Volvo trucks. 4D656F03 × Copyright (C) 2003-2004 by George. All rights reserved. e-mail:,; WWW: Volvo FH16 610.


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