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자동차 North American Road Vehicle Set 4E415256 0.1.2 Y A currently not developing set of North American road vehicles. Provides a usable set of buses and trams from 1910 (no futuristic vehicles though). Graphics by oberhümer and DanMacK, code by oberhümer...
기차 CZTR Engines - EMU 4D490210 0.9.0 Y Set zeleznicnich jednotek ve 32bpp s extrazoomem. Obsahuje zvuky. Vice informaci na TT-foru nebo nasem FB (OTTD-Czech realistic replacement). Autori: CZTR Team Set of Czech EMUs in 32 bpp + extrazoom...
도시 이름 South Korean Town Names 50430306 1.0 Y A set of 372 real South Korean town names, excluding major cities.
그래픽 변경 German Signals 42010000 0.4 Y Changelog: Version 0.4 + new pre signal graphics => no more unrealistic waiting at distant (VR) signals + changed exit signal post plate to white-red-white + better post plates for PBS + one-way PBS ...
기차 New Trains 4D470109 0.3 Y New Graphics for Trains
(알 수 없음) Iron Horse 2 Addon 47385204 0.9 Y Streamlined steam locomotive for use with Iron Horse 2. Credits to: Pikkabird Gwyd Code updated by Gadg8eer.
(알 수 없음) TRS-Extender 53790041 R0001 Y This set adds class-based cargo refitting support and engine flipping support to the Tropic Refurbishment Set.
기차 Pineapple Trains 44440000 1.3 Y 32bpp/ez train set, featuring fictional company-coloured trains.
(알 수 없음) UK8 554B0008 0.10 Y UK8 - Accurately colored 8bpp British Trains. * Very Beta * Bugs WILL exist. If you find a bug please tell @Procrastinator Ted#9678 on the /r/OpenTTD discord. Code & Graphics Copyright 2018 UKX...
도시 이름 Crass UK Town Names 4B460897 2 Y A list of crass, rude, silly or otherwise inappropriate names of real towns in the United Kingdom. Derived from the famous Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick's "Marvellous Map of Great Britsh Place N...
(알 수 없음) NOHAB 4A430302 1.1 Y The NOHAB is a diesel locomotive designed by Electro-Motive Diesel and built in Sweden by Nydqvist och Holm A.B. (NoHAB). This NewGRF includes both the 'A' version (for freight traffic) and the 'B' ve...
(알 수 없음) NSW Rail Towns SouthRegion 47470203 1 Y List of Railway Towns in NSW Southern region
(알 수 없음) EmptyGRF BEBE0004 10 Y A simply NewGRF that contains various OpenTTD tiles as placeable NewObjects.
(알 수 없음) NML-CAT2.0 : BUILDINGS 4E4D2009 42069 Y - NML CATEGORY SYSTEM 2.0 ========================= A GRF Seperator for organizing your "Active NewGRF Files". Suggested Usage: (TOWN) BUILDING SETS ========================= NekoMaster (c) 2020
(알 수 없음) D449 44343439 1.0 Y The D.449 is a diesel locomotive for freight duties. It was built by rebuilding an existing D343. It never entered active service and was sadly scrapped after only 1000 km of trial runs. Source is on...
선박, 항공기 LCT Vehicle Set 4A4B0104 v4 Y Adds unique ships and aircraft. (v4) + Dongun Pinewood (Small Aircraft) * Type of Pencil 800 changed small aircraft to big aircraft. * Fixed wrong (running) cost changing of Daewon 220. * range of Pe...
도시 이름 New Zealand Town Names 54420110 1.0 Y New Zealand Town Names creates thousands of computer-generated names with a distinctly kiwi feel.
(알 수 없음) Depot fix 41444400 1.0 Y ·
(알 수 없음) Long vehicles v4. Cut version 4D656F20 (13 Jan 2008) Y ·
도시 이름 Ukrainian Town Names CF6F0000 1.0 Y More then 1300 real Ukrainian Town Names. In Ukrainian language (Cyrillic) of course.


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