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(알 수 없음) Transmitter by Date 4A565001 2.5 Y Replace the default transmitter antenna by date, select a single replacement through parameters or build the new objects manually. Inspired by Rock Replacement for Transmitter
자동차 Timberwolf's UK Road Vehicles 3 5457460A 3.1.9 Y A UK-inspired road vehicle set for OpenTTD featuring buses, lorries, trams and others from early horse-drawn wagons to the present day. Features 2cc colours and 2x zoom. Supports multiple roadtypes an...
(알 수 없음) Project Gondola 4A565201 0.4 Y Ski lift train track plus vehicles
Maglev Station Set 454E1701 1.0 Y This NewGRF adds some stations from Chinese Maglev lines and the Braunschweig test track.
그래픽 변경 North Korean Houses Set v2 454E2902 2.0 Y A houses set for North Korean towns and cities.
기차 CP-Trainset 4143C101 v1.1 Y trainset based on trains Portugal's.
DPRK Stations v2 - Eyecandy 2 454E3402 2.1 Y This NewGRF contains a large variety of wayside objects and other bits and bobs for use with the North Korean (DPRK) station set v2. This is part 2, and also downloading the other eyecandy set is high...
자동차 CS_BusSetA 47464A01 0.5.0A Y This is the first part of the Czechoslovak bus set. This set is containing a large selection of buses from Czech and Slovak producers, but also from some other brands that were in use in the Czecho-sl...
기차 Danish Trains 54543134 0.8.0 Y Trains from Denmark, focusing on the Danish State Railways, DSB. Visit website for train list and more info. Created by 2TallTyler.
그래픽 변경, 본사 Burj al Arab 52540001 1 × (이미지) 본사의 5단계(성취도 768 이상) 건물의 그래픽을 Burj al Arab (부르즈 알 아랍)으로 바꿔줍니다.
도시 이름 Kentucky Town Names 4B460815 1 Y A list of most known named places in Kentucky, including 425 current cities, 24 unincorporated communities, 7 cities merged out of existence, and 35 cities that were dissolved or disincorporated. This...
도시 이름 MinchinWeb's Random Town Names 576D5201 1.1 Y What this does is it takes a list of bases (drawn from my Alberta Town Names) and then randomly adds prefixes and suffixes to them. That means that even on the largest maps, you should never run out o...
항공기 General av8ion 44440A11 1.0 Y Light aircraft for use with av8
도시 이름 More British Town Names v1.0 686D6300 1.0 Y Over 2000 real names of British cities, towns, villages and places. Use "More British" to generate real names only, and "More British+" to generate up to over 100000 realistic names.
오브젝트 AuzWaterObjects 47477007 4 Y Water Tiles to build lakes, wharves, Jetty, Boats and other water objects
도시 이름 Estonian Town Names 474B0000 1.0.0-1 Y This extension adds the possibility to use the names of real cities, towns and villages existing in Estonia.
(알 수 없음) FRISS - Rail Infrastructure 4A560201 1.0.2 Y Rail Infrastructure part of FRISS (Finnish Rail Infrastructure & Stations Set)
산업 시설 NML-CAT2.0 : INDUSTRIES 4E4D2016 42069 Y - NML CATEGORY SYSTEM 2.0 ========================= A GRF Seperator for organizing your "Active NewGRF Files". Suggested Usage: Industry GRFs ========================= NekoMaster (c) 2020
기차 traintunnel with eyecandy road 504A0011 0.1 Y TTWER is a feature that changes the default traintunnel into a tunnel with an eyecandy road on top. So that tunnels look a bit better in urban environments. The road can not be driven over by roadvehi...
선로 Maglev Track Set v2 454E0202 2.5 Y This set is the second installment of the Maglev Track Set, a track set that allows the user to separate their various maglev trains on different types of tracks for extra realism. For the best exper...


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