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산업 시설 NML CAT - INDUSTRY 4E434944 1 Y Part of my NML Category system. Add's a GRF divider that one can add to their ACTIVE GRF's list to organize their GRF setups. This one is for Industry GRF's (Its best to use only one Industry Set at...
도시 이름 Latvian town names 4C56544E 1.0.0 Y Real city and town names in Latvia
오브젝트 NML-CAT2.0 : NEW OBJECTS 4E4D2007 42069 Y - NML CATEGORY SYSTEM 2.0 ========================= A GRF Seperator for organizing your "Active NewGRF Files". Suggested Usage: NEW OBJECT GRFS ========================= NekoMaster (c) 2020
건물 Japanese Buildings 52453400 3.1 Y The Japanese Buldings Set is part of the Japan Set which consists of the following GRF files, available from the Japan Set homepage: Japanese Trains Japanese Stations Japanese Landscape Japanese Town...
기차 Tokyo Train Stations Names 5753544E 2 Y Names of train stations in Tokyo. Included lines: Yamanote Line, Chuo Line, Sobu Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line.
자동차 OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles 4F472B32 0.4.1 Y OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles enhances default road vehicles while keeping a design that matches the OpenGFX style. Coded by Terkhen and planetmaker. Graphics by DanMacK, Zephyris and molace.
(알 수 없음) NewCC set 4A44FAB1 0.3 Y The New Company Colours Set. Enhances and improves upon the default company colours. - New colours include black, dark red, rust brown and military green - Full 2CC support - compatible with all compa...
항구 ISR-style dock 504A0103 1.4 Y ISR-dock is a feature that replaces the standard dock with a dock that consists of multiple graphical representations (via parameter) of docks that fit best in an industrial environment. Recommended i...
(알 수 없음) Dutch Catenary 4D4C0100 1 Y Replaces the overhead wires (catenary) of electrified railways with Dutch-style catenary. Made by Purno Thanks to Lakie, Patchman and the Dutch Trainset Team.
도시 이름 German Town Names 49764202 0.2.0 Y German Town Names, choose either real names or fictional ones or a combination of both
(알 수 없음) VT-133 4 colours 42530805 2.1 Y German Railbus Estimatet 1930 4 different colours corrected wrong costs
기차 AuzTrains NSW Set 47470505 29 Y Trains that operated in the State of New South Wales, Australia
기차 PTTS - Portuguese Trainset 50545453 Y A NewGRF for OpenTTD that contains trains that have or are currently circulating in Portugal. This set is not complete. Original graphics by João Génio ('Genix'). Code by João Génio ('Genix').
도시 이름 Belgian Town Names 50430304 2.0 Y Three sets of place names from Belgium: choose from two regional subsets of either 313 Flemish place names or 253 Walloon place names, or a combined national set of 593 place names.
(알 수 없음) Unlimited Girder 464D4F01 0.1 Y Removes size limit for the Girder bridge
(알 수 없음) SMITS 46727800 1.0 Y Shanghai Maglev Inspired Track Set v1.0 This NewGRF contains graphic replacements for tracks, fences, depots, tunnels, bridges, station and icons/cursors for the maglev rail. All are optional except ...
(알 수 없음) Dutch Delta Works 504A0102 1.1 Y Dutch Delta Works is a feature that provides new objects in the style of the Dutch Delta Works. See more info about the Deltaworks here:
오래됨 z-ignore 49485101 7.7 Y THIS IS OBSOLETE! GPL v2, coded by Gwyd. Credits to Pikkabird for Graphics. Contains a streamlined steam locomotive and several other locomotives for use with Iron Horse 2, like Electra and Cyclops....
(알 수 없음) North Korean Tram Set 454E2401 1.4.1 Y A tram set with North Korean trams. Contains trams from Pyongyang and Chongjin.
(알 수 없음) TaI32 Town Set 444410BB 100 Y Town and house overhaul, with 32bpp/ez graphics. This is the Prerelease 3D Scrabble Edition - graphics are incomplete.


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