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Korean Town Names

Korean Town Names

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Introduction of Korean Town Names

Korean Town Names contains Real city names and Virtual city names of Korea in one file.
Real city names contain 162 real 'Si' or 'Gun' level cities in Korea. Be aware that it could occur an error or be duplicated name from 163rd city.
Virtual city names are combinations of the real city's first letter and the last letter. It might be ridiculous name(ex. Gogi, Gido, Yesu...; which means meat, pray, jesus, respectively) for korean. It only make two letter names because korean city names are mostly two letter, and 'Buk(north)/Nam(south)/Dong(east)/Seo(west)' and 'Po(port)/San(Mt.)/Cheon(river)/Nae(stream)/Got(cape)' can be attached in front of/in back of the city names in some probablities.

Alert! This NewGRF is written in Hangeul(Korean alphabet)
You need a font that can present korean letter such as Gulim, Dotum, Malgun Gothic, etc. It might be shown as broken if your PC does not have korean font. If you were, then download another NewGRF: 'South Korean Town Names(click)'.

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v5.0 Feb 18, 2017 CB0CB97F91A6E20291EB49893DB0A62B zip 다운로드
v4.0 Oct 14, 2015 E9D5C83CDEB44955EE92686EC75B23BB zip 다운로드
v4.0-beta1 Oct 10, 2015 AE069FD473B8803329D2108827550728 zip 다운로드
v3.0 Apr 30, 2014 8492FE7E7EDD0BFB03B6E4295C36BD0C zip 다운로드
v2.0 Jul 23, 2013 A476D381EB2D20DBEDD52E1E654A8725 zip 다운로드
v1.1 Dec 11, 2012 0A1BA3EE939A86452C6F946CD3FDB201 zip 다운로드
v1.0 Aug 7, 2012 99638A4D07BF85021BA5033BA2652216 zip 다운로드

More information for non-Korean users

If you want to translate this NewGRF into your language, please translate following files and pull the request on Github:
 - /lang/en.lng in 'KoreanTownNames' repositary
 - /common/en.lng and /ko_town_names/en.lng in 'DownloadPages' repositary

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