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Korean Train Set

Korean Train Set

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Registered: 2020.03.20 / MD5sum: 641C75CFDFA73698FEEA975BCF95270F

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Introduction of Korean Train Set

Korean Train Set is an OpenTTD NewGRF that adds South Korea's trains, such as KTX(Korea Train eXpress), ITX(Intercity Train eXpress), Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, Tongil, Nuriro, CDC, subways of Seoul Metropolitan area, some diesel/electric locomotives of Korail, some tourist train such as O-train, V-train, DMZ-train, S-train and so on. It has parameters so that you can change the train's speeds for each class, purchase costs, running costs, capacities or loading speeds. And it also contains 'TK simple waypoint' function which makes waypoint's graphic simple by parameter settings. It is the essential NewGRF to make South korean contents.

Added vehicles

Image Vehicle name Model/Painting change
[KTS] Seoul Line 1, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Suin Line [KTS] Seoul Line 1, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, Suin Line Able
[KTS] Seoul Line 2 [KTS] Seoul Line 2 Able
[KTS] Seoul Line 3 [KTS] Seoul Line 3 Able
[KTS] Seoul Line 4 [KTS] Seoul Line 4 Able
[KTS] Seoul Line 5-9 [KTS] Seoul Line 5-9 Able
[KTS] Bundang Line [KTS] Bundang Line Able
[KTS] Gyeongchun Line 361k [KTS] Gyeongchun Line 361k Unable
[KTS] ITX-Cheongchun (Gyeongchun 368k) [KTS] ITX-Cheongchun (Gyeongchun 368k) Unable
[KTS] Seoul Ui-Sinseol LRT Line [KTS] Seoul Ui-Sinseol LRT Line Unable
[KTS] Incheon Airport Railroad (A'REX) [KTS] Incheon Airport Railroad (A'REX) Able
[KTS] Sinbundang Line [KTS] Sinbundang Line Unable
[KTS] Incheon Line 1 [KTS] Incheon Line 1 Able
[KTS] Incheon Line 2 [KTS] Incheon Line 2 Unable
[KTS] Daegu Line 1 [KTS] Daegu Line 1 Unable
[KTS] Daegu Line 2 [KTS] Daegu Line 2 Unable
[KTS] Daejeon Line 1 [KTS] Daejeon Line 1 Unable
[KTS] Gwangju Line 1 [KTS] Gwangju Line 1 Unable
[KTS] Busan Line 1 [KTS] Busan Line 1 Able
[KTS] Busan Line 2 [KTS] Busan Line 2 Unable
[KTS] Busan Line 3 [KTS] Busan Line 3 Unable
[KTS] Busan Line 4 [KTS] Busan Line 4 Unable
[KTS] Busan-Gimhae LRT [KTS] Busan-Gimhae LRT Unable
[KTS] 4400 Diesel Locomotive [KTS] 4400 Diesel Locomotive Able
[KTS] 7000 Diesel Locomotive [KTS] 7000 Diesel Locomotive Unable
[KTS] 7x00 Diesel Locomotive [KTS] 7x00 Diesel Locomotive Able
[KTS] 8000 Electric Locomotive [KTS] 8000 Electric Locomotive Able
[KTS] 8100 Electric Locomotive [KTS] 8100 Electric Locomotive Unable
[KTS] 8200 Electric Locomotive [KTS] 8200 Electric Locomotive Unable
[KTS] 8500 Electric Locomotive [KTS] 8500 Electric Locomotive Unable
[KTS] Saemaeul Diesel Hydraulic Car (DHC, PP-car) [KTS] Saemaeul Diesel Hydraulic Car (DHC, PP-car) Able
[KTS] ITX-Saemaeul [KTS] ITX-Saemaeul Unable
[KTS] Nuriro [KTS] Nuriro Able
[KTS] Commuter Diesel Car(CDC) [KTS] Commuter Diesel Car(CDC) Able
[KTS] New Diesel Car(NDC) [KTS] New Diesel Car(NDC) Unable
[KTS] KTX [KTS] KTX Unable
[KTS] KTX-Sancheon [KTS] KTX-Sancheon Able
[KTS] Flat cargo car [KTS] Flat cargo car Unable
[KTS] Hopper car [KTS] Hopper car Able
[KTS] Luggage van [KTS] Luggage van Able
[KTS] Nuriro passenger car [KTS] Nuriro passenger car Able
[KTS] KTX passenger car [KTS] KTX passenger car Able
[KTS] Saemaeul passenger car [KTS] Saemaeul passenger car Able
[KTS] Mugunghwa passenger car [KTS] Mugunghwa passenger car Able
[KTS] Cafe car [KTS] Cafe car Able
[KTS] Tongil passenger car [KTS] Tongil passenger car Unable
[KTS] Common subway passenger coach [KTS] Common subway passenger coach Able
[KTS] Generator car [KTS] Generator car Able
[KTS] CDC passenger car [KTS] CDC passenger car Able

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Version Registered MD5sum Download
v1.6.11 Feb 6, 2020 1A746E9A550650B7C47C95181191572A zip 다운로드
v1.6.10 Nov 15, 2019 BA846C91423178771102E81D8E1C7E54 zip 다운로드
v1.6.01 Oct 3, 2019 8E9A283A2A2AA2E4FFAF763B005DA069 zip 다운로드
v1.6.00 Oct 2, 2019 272144BB427B1CA66CACE3D7AA275144 zip 다운로드
v1.5.70 Sep 15, 2019 DEE20F9F0DD8AAF8298A4D5CD4C6AD71 zip 다운로드
v1.5.61 May 18, 2019 CFDEEADFE64A9E2489780D6920F380E0 zip 다운로드
v1.5.60 May 18, 2019 A4D2559BC45CF6D99B52AE7A1CD4C72F zip 다운로드
v1.5.50 Feb 15, 2019 E6D9AD211AE7849A2B2EC9633FDF2DE0 zip 다운로드
v1.5.11 Aug 14, 2018 62CEF4645A1B7B0767E3E4365E99E6CA zip 다운로드
v1.5.00 Apr 14, 2018 C396B6AE3463250E031EBA68CC06C83B zip 다운로드
v1.4.10 Sep 25, 2017 0B66F2A44DBC6A0515943381828B499B zip 다운로드
v1.4.00 May 19, 2017 2E0680A1A6DC8F6E71BDE6E6D717971D zip 다운로드
v1.3.60 Jan 20, 2017 DD1663D9B2AD3D8E85DE62374A888BA9 zip 다운로드
v1.3.51 Oct 30, 2016 1D3086B076E0C8C993C8FC018976CB82 zip 다운로드
v1.3.50 Jul 23, 2016 7D1BDEE768822F7135630508D4D9F176 zip 다운로드
v1.3.20 May 5, 2016 0EA30D62F96A538268907EDD122FDFF1 zip 다운로드
v1.3.01 Apr 14, 2016 571EA7FF4D2B4B102F3F1BFBFF8B7872 zip 다운로드
v1.3.00 Feb 14, 2016 BE251262C2F3871C0C9FCC51F76A2F46 zip 다운로드
v1.2.52 Jan 23, 2016 913EF984EB26C27DFBCD2B0FB5C9B73D zip 다운로드
v1.2.50 Dec 16, 2015 8622A52CEAD093266BD187E711D55F38 zip 다운로드
v1.2.41 Nov 21, 2015 246DE827485324B9129F20A7A4C643DA zip 다운로드
v1.2.41-beta1 Nov 16, 2015 8C5412D30A1B8823EBA50D04B8B000B2 zip 다운로드
v1.2.30 Oct 14, 2015 73E443D6E40A1265D7A5567509D38664 zip 다운로드
v1.2.30-beta1 Oct 10, 2015 F9A60328E18991CDC72C731F894E0AEE zip 다운로드
v1.2.20 Oct 4, 2015 77A1A1FCC4F4B150CAAD6070A9D04674 zip 다운로드
v1.2.01 Sep 3, 2015 7AE31C5B4515CCF55CB516CAF513F825 zip 다운로드
v1.2.00 Sep 1, 2015 608B92AC01E26207C1867203695E0597 zip 다운로드
v1.0.11 Jul 15, 2015 BF45572BF1EA34EF94872D3244CF84F9 zip 다운로드
v1.0.10 Jul 14, 2015 89E03283BD13858A907A97D74207F2C2 zip 다운로드
v1.0.01 May 5, 2015 9E6D1B0FB2837131DE14064B285A53CA zip 다운로드
v1.0.00 May 5, 2015 2F89A963B2F515711ACEBF5552C8AD07 zip 다운로드
v0.9.37 Feb 25, 2015 D08D86E254AB76D6C700F09D6C83293A zip 다운로드
v0.9.35 Feb 9, 2015 085D6765357EE6BAB753FB2FEC3C1D3C zip 다운로드
v0.9.34 Dec 15, 2014 0AF9703BACBF7FC18CFD66662802A2D3 zip 다운로드
v0.9.32 Nov 28, 2014 4F56C100260BB25DA0818701A9E1370C zip 다운로드
v0.9.20 Sep 20, 2014 F7B2074F91DD5AEBB13B318625EC51A0 zip 다운로드
v0.9.10 Aug 22, 2014 93D0EA5CC566CBB6D0A2D287C915FD36 zip 다운로드
v0.9.02 Jul 31, 2014 C912BDA71331551A177CE72CAE8AE137 zip 다운로드
v0.9.01 Jul 29, 2014 DAF55E925CB8F738326E5F3C51A6ACF8 zip 다운로드
v0.9.00 Jun 13, 2014 2D7CBB2F64ABCF5C6BECB89C07A352E6 zip 다운로드
v0.8.40 Apr 30, 2014 376FE4B1FE5079E96E4116296E152C4A zip 다운로드
v0.8.34 Apr 13, 2014 0D7AA479F54A1A3BB54DDA96E504DE17 zip 다운로드
v0.8.32 Apr 12, 2014 E2BBE1071B62C6EC7BF695698FE72D99 zip 다운로드
v0.8.23 Jan 18, 2014 7171294317BDF0475C3A64C818AE683A zip 다운로드
v0.8.21 Dec 28, 2013 4F33936F2CCB93ABF47991A4EAE98859 zip 다운로드
v0.8.11 Dec 23, 2013 C8634B4D9669665801979483EB59E26A zip 다운로드
v0.8.07 Nov 19, 2013 96DF9E0157AEAB08E6FBA78AB27F7496 zip 다운로드
v0.8.05 Oct 27, 2013 2C27DAFD75DCBD4D3E04E5EEA5FE9C78 zip 다운로드
v0.8.03 Aug 12, 2013 19FD2777CC1EC1ADD079FCB00C56E997 zip 다운로드
v0.8.02 Aug 7, 2013 619FD830D3BE328220B6420F9525D43A zip 다운로드
v0.8.00 Aug 4, 2013 6885E17318101D37310673BF84595421 zip 다운로드
v0.7.42 Jul 30, 2013 9AA5F4D1A70E95C1D89B54519C8F54A3 zip 다운로드
v0.7.40 Jun 8, 2013 00B884DB10BB926C303DFE7652F2C6AE zip 다운로드
v0.7.35 May 10, 2013 B633BCCC82A81A8E0721A7A58E2D94F9 zip 다운로드
v0.7.34 Mar 10, 2013 EDEDD4C84DB21256D8E66CA7F790905F zip 다운로드
v0.7.33 Mar 2, 2013 912D1C7662486911C5AB7EE9F9CD6F71 zip 다운로드
v0.7.31 Feb 2, 2013 5A28250D32CEC56DE323EB2143013F70 zip 다운로드
v0.7.25 Jan 16, 2013 48993BC6932754C923B6E67604010ABA zip 다운로드
v0.7.22 Jan 6, 2013 71D01EAECA2D3F3AB1A68C8C9919D2F4 zip 다운로드
v0.7.21 Dec 24, 2012 81CED68588DA452A3F256EE90567E9CF zip 다운로드
v0.7.12 Dec 9, 2012 A21DFD5DE45E3A168663D0A19CB04CB4 zip 다운로드
v0.7.11 Nov 25, 2012 AAA24354900D917DE90383A15D3EADB4 zip 다운로드
v0.7.10 Nov 24, 2012 FAE410E6C5BDC62174ED33D5A6B12E23 zip 다운로드
v0.7.08 Nov 17, 2012 211AEAF98498DD114E6A881DAE5CD873 zip 다운로드
v0.7.01 Oct 7, 2012 A27B6024B25920858EBD00FEE5B7C1F1 zip 다운로드
v0.7.00 Sep 27, 2012 B4DF99E56CAD4D4E3989148A416359D5 zip 다운로드

Frequently Asked Questions

How to construct each trains

1. KTX, KTX-Sancheon, Saemaeul(DHC PP), Nuriro, Subways, etc.
[Engine] + [Coach] + ... + [Coach] + [Engine(reversed)]

2. Mugunghwa, Tongil, etc.
[Engine] + [Coach] + ... + [Coach]

3. ITX-Saemaeul
[Engine(ITX-Saemaeul)] + [(General) SaemaeulCoach] + ... + [(General) SaemaeulCoach] + [Engine(reversed)(ITX-Saemaeul)]

4. Demoted to Mugunghwa, former executive car
[Engine] + [(General) SaemaeulCoach] + ... + [(General) SaemaeulCoach]
* Need to change model/paintings after building up the train

How to change other model/paintings

Korean Train Set lists only representive models in the purchase list, so you have to use 'refit' feature to change your train into other model or paintings. For instance, the engine of Seoul subway Line No.5 ~ No.9 is combined as '[KTS] Line 5-9', so you need to purchase '[KTS] Line 5-9' to make train of Line 6, 7, 8 or 9.

Image 1
You can see 'Changing Models/Paintings:' is Available, if it is able to change models or paintings.
Or you cannot change its model/paintings.

First, make your train including cars that is able to change model/paintings.


Image 1
Then you can see the Vehicle window. You need to click 'Refit' button(Refit button) to change model/paintings.


Image 1
Once you opened the refit window, drag and select changable cars what you want to change,
select model/paintings in the below list, and click [Refit train] button.

More information for non-Korean users

If you want to translate this NewGRF into your language, please translate following files and pull the request on Github:
 - /lang/en.lng in 'KoreanTrainSet' repositary
 - /common/en.lng and /ko_train_set/en.lng in 'DownloadPages' repositary

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