OpenTTD 1.4.2 정식 공개
매일 1번씩, 사이트에 누군가 접속하면 자동으로 OpenTTD 새 버전을 체크해서
정식 버전이 나오면 제 메일로 알려주는 시스템이 구축되어 있는데,
어제 사이트 내부 코드 구조를 개선하는 도중에 오류가 있는 걸 보지 못하고 잠드는 바람에 오늘 낮에서야 부랴부랴 수정했더니
그 사이에 OpenTTD 1.4.2 정식 버전이 공개되어 있었네요. [당황]

이번에도 역시 여러 가지 버그를 수정한 것으로 보입니다.
특별히 새로운 기능은 없네요.

TELKLAND에서는 페이지에서 다운로드 가능하며,
간편 설치 파일도 부랴부랴 준비했습니다 [땀]

*1.4.2 변경 기록
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1.4.2 (2014-08-16)


1.4.2-RC2 (2014-08-03)

- Change: Use awk instead of trying to convince cpp to preprocess nfo files (r26708)
- Fix: CMD_CLEAR_ORDER_BACKUP should not be suppressed by pause modes (r26716)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Parameters to SCC_NEWGRF_PUSH_WORD and SCC_NEWGRF_UNPRINT were not skipped during drawing (r26713)
- Fix: [OSX] Compilation fails with some lzo2 versions, if LP64 is defined to 0 instead of checking whether it is defined [FS#6069] (r26709)
- Fix: Wrong breakdown sound was played for ships [FS#6015] (r26706)
- Fix: Integer overflows in acceleration code causing either too low acceleration or too high acceleration [FS#6067] (r26702)
- Fix: Discard incorrectly saved order backups when clients join [FS#6066] (r26700)
- Fix: Do not crash when trying to show an error about vehicle in a NewGRF and the NewGRF was not loaded at all (r26699)
- Fix: Slovak uses space as group separator in numbers [FS#6064] (r26695)
- Fix: Tighten parameter bound checks on GSCargoMonitor functions, and return -1 on out-of-bound parameters (r26685)

1.4.2-RC1 (2014-07-03)

- Fix: CargoPacket::SourceStation() returns a StationID (r26660)
- Fix: Days in dates are not represented by ordinal numbers in all languages [FS#6047] (r26657)
- Fix: Production cheat cannot be allowed to be active in multiplayer for desync reasons, even when activated in singleplayer previously [FS#6044] (r26656)
- Fix: Make sure an 'abs' is used that supports int64 when using 'abs' on those variables (r26651)
- Fix: Support save/load chunk lengths of up to (1 << 32) - 1 [FS#6041] (r26650)
- Fix: Incorrect usage of string commands in the base language [FS#6037] (r26642, r26640, r26639, r26632)
- Fix: Segmentation fault when encountering a .obg/.obs/.obm with empty string/zero length MD5 checksums [FS#6038] (r26637)
- Fix: The 'Load' button was not properly enabled/disabled for old savegames without NewGRF information (r26634)
- Fix: If the video driver fails to supply a list of resolutions, display an error message [FS#6012] (r26629)

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