OpenTTD 1.4.4 공개
OpenTTD 1.4.4 버전이 공개되었습니다.
역시나 버그 수정 위주입니다.

이번에도 공식 사이트에 공지사항이 늦게 등록되고 있습니다.

TELKLAND에서도 발빠르게 간편 설치 파일을 등록하였습니다.
회원 가입 후 (또는 임시 아이디 발급 후) 다운로드하실 수 있습니다.

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변경 내용:
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1.4.4 (2014-10-21)


1.4.4-RC1 (2014-10-08)

- Fix: Image widgets stored 32bit SpriteID in uint16 (r26971)
- Fix: Owner of road depot road types were not properly changed upon bankruptcy [FS#6126] (r26955)
- Fix: Compilation on HAIKU (r26922)
- Fix: Crash when enabling 'Full animation' if multiplayer chat text is on screen [FS#6096] (r26919)
- Fix: Height computation of game script text in town GUI did not consider margins [FS#6119] (r26859)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Debian lintian issues (r26853)
- Fix: Compilation of strgen on various platforms like Solaris (r26850)
- Fix: Better display of refit information for articulated vehicles [FS#6113] (r26849, r26848)
- Fix: Do not assign a next hop when returning cargo [FS#6110] (r26847)
- Fix: The ok-button in the OSK for the signs list should just close the OSK [FS#6116] (r26827)

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