OpenTTD JGRPP 0.58.1 변경 기록

v0.58.1 (2024-03-02)

  • Fix multiplayer desync after joining a server with the flood from edges setting enabled.
  • Fix timetabled waiting in depots.
  • Fix incorrect accounting of company quarterly statistics.
  • Fix trains failing to load at stations in some cases after leaving a conditional order loading loop at the previous station.
  • Fix the company infrastructure window not being drawn as a company window and not being removed on company deletion.
  • Fix main viewport crash or only partial redraw when changing the UI scale using the slider.
  • Fix display of ships entering viewports on an aqueduct.
  • Allow adding plans in the scenario editor.
  • Add setting for whether to show vehicle running costs per calendar year.
  • Add setting for whether to show speed before destination in vehicle status bar.
  • Add setting to disable script parameter randomisation.
  • Add "path signals only" mode to the signal cycle setting.
  • Adjust display of period numbers in wallclock time-keeping mode.
  • Stop engine reliability decay once the no vehicles expire after year setting is reached, instead of when the no vehicles expire and introduced after year settings are both reached.
  • Add NewGRF custom signal style flag to draw signal sprites on both sides.
  • Bump trunk base from commit 8bccb5805a94eb2acb0e581185ca34090f2b1397 to commit a602845d0a35331f1e012cd13ca921c6bc42b58d.

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