Server information

This is a page for information of the OpenTTD servers of TELKLAND.

Discord server


We have a Discord server to interact between multiplayer game and discord. Messages in multiplayer game will send to discord and vice versa.
Questions, reporting trollings could be done via #english channel of Discord server.
Especially, since TELKLAND is a Korean website, it would be not familliar to you. Feel free to ask in #english channel.
Click here or the above image to join TELKLAND Discord server

Map reset

Server map resets automatically and manually. Please note that it is difficult to notify in advance since manual reset is being considered improvised when the game date is 2300 year, map is fulled or server has lots of lags.
Automatic reset is done like these:

#1(stable) server 1st, 16th of every month Next reset is August 1st
#2(JGRPP) server 6th, 21st of every month Next reset is August 6th
#3(JGRPP) server 11th, 26th of every month Next reset is August 11th

Required NewGRFs

You need all NewGRFs below, all NewGRFs is able to download via Online Content Download menu in-game.See "Multiplayer" Manual page about the detail method of NewGRF download and server access.

1번 서버(

2번 서버(

3번 서버(


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